Client comes first

Any responses to your Whatsapp questions must be prompt without being inaccurate, personalised to your known health/lifestyle/ adhereance/tolerance levels, challenging without being overbearing or evoking a sense of obligation.  I want you to feel reassured that we are at your service in the privacy of your own phone. 

I want the customer service culture to be,”The answer is YES, now how can I help?”

I do not want to ask you,”Is there anything I can do?”

I want to think for you and come up with anything else that I think you would enjoy and then suggest it to you.  

I want you to feel that I am on your team, looking out for you.

Any supplement we recommend must be as pure and natural as can be, effective, and convenient.

Any other health care providers we refer to must be passionate, proficient and a progressive thinker.

We only refer to the best people we can get our hands on who is a perfect fit for the clients needs.  Any referral fees we may receive are merely a gesture of thanks - and that supports our growth, too. There are many providers who do not provide us will fees and we will continue to refer to them because they are the best in their field.

The clients needs to come first and that will always dictate decisions.

Client comes first.