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Why did I write this book?

Well if you are tracking your calories on my fitness pal and you are cooking your own meals, it can get quite time consuming adding each ingredient to the app.

And you end up chucking the app.

And we like sustainable time efficient solutions.

So we rolled up our admin sleeves, played some Mary Poppins in the background, and created simple recipes, put them in a book, AND crucially, we uploaded the meals to My Fitness Pal.

So all you need to do is add Urban Health Salmon Teriyaki to the app.. and it pops up. And all the individual ingredients that make up that recipe pop up. So you can adjust.  This way…if you are planning 3 meals a day for the week, you only need to put in 3 entries a day instead of…however many ingredients each recipe contains.

So it saves a lot of time and aids compliance.

Is it going to be 100% accurate - no.

But if you follow the recipe it will be close enough.

If you need precision use www.freshfitnessfoods.com