I am an entrepreneur based in Marylebone, London.

I am half English, half Maltese, born in Saudi Arabia to two ambitious parents.

This site is all about health so I am going to share my story on that.  I feel very awkward sharing this because you are here for your journey not mine but I have been encouraged to share so... here goes.

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I was exposed to different "food cultures” - the western diet, Mediterranean diet, Middle Eastern diet, Jewish cuisine…

All have rules around food, rituals.  They give food different meanings. Love, pleasure, comfort, connection, bonding, control, restriction, different values, beliefs, identity.  I found this fascinating. It still fascinates me…. How, what, when different cultures eat and why.


I was not healthy and remember getting tonsillitis 6 times per year.  The doctors wanted to take out my tonsils and I refused because I did not believe we should rip bits out just because they aren’t working.  I believe the body was just being intelligent and it was trying to tell me something. I saw it as a symptom of an underlying issue but I didn’t know what.


I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at 13 and refused to take the medication prescribed because intuitively I knew that was not the answer for me and my body.  I did not have the answer but the search started then.


I also had an innate aversion to putting anything synthetic in my body.  At that time I did not know that the processed “food” I was eating contained ingredients that were not designed to be in the human body.  So I was eating synthetic material without knowing it. 


My mother died of cancer when I was 22. I asked the doctor what caused cancer and he said,”Its all the junk food we eat.”

I ate all the foods that reminded me of her. All.


I needed to understand more and after trawling for someone who makes sense, I found Cain Leathem and I moved to Birmingham to study Nutrition, Exercise and the mind. I got my Diploma in Nutrition, my Personal Training qualification and my Neuro Linguistic Programming certification.  I studied alongside healthy athletes with a completely different approach to their diet.  

They believed “Food is Fuel”.  And I thought food was “Naughty, yummy and delicious.”


It took me years to bridge that gap between where I was and embracing an athletic life. And I lost 30 kilos in the process. 

I truly transformed inside and out.  There is a difference between having the knowledge and applying it.

Behaviour change is a daily choice. If things are not working, change your approach.


I continued my studies in nutrition and psychology whilst working on my property projects - helping investors find high yielding property investments which I still do today.

Everyone in my network witnessed my transformation and asked me for guidance.

My passion for helping people achieve more wealth often involved helping them in their health. In fact, that is true wealth after all.

I have developed my coaching skills and witnessed extraordinary personal growth in my clients - whom I consider dear friends.  I would be delighted to introduce you to to one of my clients so you can see for yourself.

I developed my URBAN HEALTH METHOD - a fat loss nutrition and coaching programme - and guided hundreds of people internationally who have enjoyed fat loss, improved mood, more energy, and less stress. 




When the time is right for you and you want to embark on a transformational journey then my invitation is open for you.

If I am not the right person for you, I will point you in the right direction.

I am caring, relentless about getting to the root of the matter, fearless in sharing my perspective, direct and will keep you to account.  I encourage you to be blatantly honest with yourself with no shame or judgement.

There is a personal cost incurred when your stifle your growth.

It is my mission to inspire you to love looking after your body again.

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