Your DNA and your diagnosis is not your destiny.  

It’s what you do with that information that defines you.

We trust Nordic Labs DNA testing. 

Discreet with your personal data and deliver clear, reliable laboratory test results, with a very knowledgeable and helpful support team.

More importantly, Nordic qualify their laboratories to a set of strict guidelines, assessing their quality control protocols.  This is provided by independent associations.  

To study their mission statement and exacting standards, click here.

And now for the DNA Tests.

Please visit their website for detailed reports on each test:

I recommend you go for “ALL 10 TESTS” below which will give you a comprehensive view of your genetic make up.
It is a simple swab test inside the mouth. 3 week turn around.
Alternatively, you can go for each of the tests individually.
I have itemised each below.

DNA Tests 

ALL 10 TESTS £1093.82


Advanced Methylation Gene Pack £ 261.00
DNA DIO2 (Deiodinase 2) Gene Test £ 60.00
DNA Gluten Panel (DQ2 & DQ8) £ 90.00

Medcheck (R) AND All 6 DNAlife NGX tests £ 675.00

DNA Diet £ 149.00
DNA Health £ 199.00
DNA Mind £ 149.00
DNA Oestrogen £ 149.00
DNA Skin £ 149.00
DNA Sport £ 149.00
Medcheck (R) £ 299.00

Interpretation by Dr Shania Lee £ 300.00
Interpretation by Dr Anand Saggar or Dr Paul Brennan £ 450.00