What is the diagnosis? Ask yourself… why is your body in its current condition?
In most cases, you were not born this way. You became this way.
What happened? When? Why?
Let’s understand how your mind ticks so that we can set you up for success.


In the initial consultation, we will go through your full medical history, get a feel for your attitude/readiness for change, your current eating habits and exercise routine - if any. I am non judgemental, completely understanding and yes you can tell me absolutely anything - shamelessly, with zero consequences - I am here to help you.
I want to learn about you… let’s co-author your “How to look after me” manual.

Help me, to guide you better than you have ever been guided before. Be brave. Be honest. Be yourself.

Write a list of reasons why this process matters to you. Bring it with you.

We take your height, weight, tape measurements, blood pressure and we only take “before” pictures if you feel comfortable.
Your feelings and your discretion matter more to us than our marketing - and on that note, we NEVER blab your personal information on social media or to anyone else for that matter. Your secrets are safe with me.

You should take pictures on your phone though… to see the changes as the programme progresses.
Then we measure your body fat percentage on a BodyStat Bio electrical impedance machine - totally safe and needs no preparation other than drinking a litre of water 1 hr before.

Based on your results, we invite you to prepare to apply the Urban Health Method for the following timescales:
If you are over 40% body fat - 12 months or more
If you are around 30% - 6-9 months
If you are around 20% - 12 weeks

This may seem daunting. But your body is in its current condition due to a series of events…some in your control and some out of your control and we need to rebuild you. Rebuild your body.

Refurbish the inner workings of the machine…
Sculpt your exterior like a work of art…
Reconnect you.

And also we need to set in stone your daily healthy habits….which will become second nature over time.
No matter how busy you are. Your new healthy you will become YOU.
Your new athletic identity.

So do not feel daunted. Embrace the process. Transform.
Daily contact is vital to your success. Keeps you consistent.
You have daily access to me by WhatsApp. Message me anytime. No one has access to my Whatsapp.

Well. Except for Google probably. And Cambridge Analytica. And perhaps Putin.

But apart from that… its just me, and you.

Sub optimal hormones make it harder to attain an ideal body composition.
Knowing your optimal fat burning heart rate make your limited time allocated to training a way more efficient use of your time.
Included in the programme you get your hormone profile test and you get you optimum fat burning heart rate test.

Get tested. Get the data. Get your personalised plan.