Designed just for you

We have to determine where you are now and where you are going.

Using the data from the diagnostic tests, we can avoid a lot of wasted time.

I believe in standardizing automobiles. I do not believe in standardizing human beings.

We measure where you are now… maybe you are starting your journey at 50%, 40%, 30% body fat.  And you have no idea what you would like to get down to.

Men healthy range 13-19%

Women healthy range 21-27%

We do a SWOT analysis looking at your mental health, your finances, your time available, your overall health.  We design a plan that works for you. And we make adjustments as we go along.

You will start to feel better, stronger.

We cover:

Mindset, Nutrition, Training, getting the right systems in place… food deliveries, personal trainers coming to your home, get the right gym shoes, review the menus of your regular restaurants and advise best choices.  Sleep, yoga, physioherapy. We plan around holidays, work travel, long meetings. We plan around you.

“This is the first time I’ve felt full in 5 years.”

The bathroom scale rarely marks the milestones along your path to a fitter, healthier body.

Our bodies are complex. They change in many ways — ways that are often intangible or subtle. We feel and function differently, though we can’t always say exactly how.

Long before we lose any weight, small signs of progress sprout and flower.

Those early signs of progress are motivation gold. They make us feel like we can persist through the plateaus — through the toughest times of changing our habits, or learning new skills, when it seems like the ice will never melt and our muscles will never grow.

Being a skilled nutrition coach is like being a skilled nature guide.

Being a client trying to change your body is like being an explorer in a new territory.

The plan unfolds as you grow.  Or shrink.