“The measure of success is not about arriving at the destination.  There is no destination. This method is for life. So - the destination would be the end of life!  

This is a daily commitment to being the healthiest and best version of you.  So the measure of success is mastering the process, everyday you are practising being better than you were yesterday.”

Stephanie Webster

You were not born this way… you became this way.

What happened that caused a shift, you started to think

“I don’t matter” “I’m too busy” “I’ll get round to it.”

What un/conscious health decisions did you make...that resulted in unhealthy habits.  That now have resulted in ill health. However, if you had the right support around you, you would be just fine.  

When you are under our care we support you every step of the way.  Active management. Anything that is holding you back we take on as our mission to resolve for you to keep you motivated.  And we invite all past alumni to come for an annual health review anytime in the month of June to restrategise and renew their vows to their higher self.

But who else is on TEAM YOU?

What will keep the results ongoing is having people around you who know what you are doing and fully support that.  I refer to these people as your personal team - your tribe. People you can rely on, people you feel understood by.

Take a moment to write down the names of 5 people that you can have health conversations/meetings with.

And reconnect with your tribe.